Intervention Invading Network

Publié le 20 avril 2023

Intervention invading network is a series of network installations made of tights and originally based on a recycling idea (old tights with ladders), reflecting the development of the globalization and world wide web, which is connecting the entire globe.

Intervention Invading Network by Irene Anton

The beginning of this very quick development is based on the invention of electric telegraphy. Tights are very representative for the fast consume of cloths, because they mostly only stay well for a night before they are going to break (in the 1960s/70s tights were still brought to a shop for repairing the ladders!). The textile network of tights finally is comparable to a vulnerable organism that could collapse. It is alienating the surrounding and looks like an extra-terrestrial sculpture complex.

The installations are showing networks, which are made of approximately between hundred and max. hundred fifty almost recycled and tied pairs of tights, partly filled with balls that will define the (ganglion)knots of the network. Even though from time to time the artist has to buy new tights for the following networks with new colour concepts, the tights are always re-used again in until they are completely broken. Every network is a new site-specific adaption to the space where it is shown. The networks are every time occupying and conquering spaces in a new way and constellation, sometimes divided into various parts.