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Mixed Gardens Festival

Du 05/06/2022 au 09/10/2022

Contemporary and playful structures displayed in the gardens... [...]

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Industrial Heritage Festival

Le 03/07/2022

Discover the industrial site of the Wesserling Park in a festive and friendly atmosphere! [...]

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Barefoot Trail Festival

Le 24/07/2022

An afternoon that brings families together around the barefoot path of the Gardens. [...]

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Nocturnal extravaganzas in the gardens

Du 04/08/2022 au 27/08/2022

Night walk in a poetic atmosphere [...]

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Veggie-Garden Festival

Le 28/08/2022

Friendly moment and activities in the vegetable gardens [...]

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All about fairy tales!

Le 04/09/2022

Lovely stories and fairy tales told in our gardens [...]

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Book Festival

Le 25/09/2022

Literary readings [...]

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