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The tourist and cultural offer of the Wesserling Park is being remodeled to provide visitors, beginning with the opening of the ecomuseum in 2024,  with a more coherent museum route, on site, comprehensive and seamless, whose starting point will be the renovated castle

Whether you are an individual, a company or a foundation, you can get involved in a sponsorship project that suits you. All donations, whatever their amounts are, help to support our effort to safeguard and enhance this major site of French industrial heritage, which is remarkably well maintained.

By contributing to the successful renovation of a major site in the Grand Est region, you are participating in the preservation and transmission of local heritage and traditional know-how for future generations. Each act of patronage keeps this great heritage site,  which is also yours, in Haut-Rhin alive.

Choosing to be a patron of the Wesserling site means  not only joining the coalition of passions that have been invested for many years in this great exemplary renovation project while keeping an exceptional built heritage alive, but it  also means to perpetuate a moment, a memory and share your gesture with your loved ones.

Make a donation for the construction of the future Textile Ecomuseum

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Help us save the castle of Wesserling in the Haut-Rhin, a major European industrial heritage site with over 250 years of history and threatened with extinction.

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Let’s support the industrial heritage of the Wesserling Park!

Promoting the castle and creating a real textile ecomuseum: a national tourism and cultural project

The project consists of creating a coherent ecomuseum visit over the entire site, starting from the renovated castle, following its own path. The discovery will be more complete, richer and therefore more attractive with strong positive impacts on the local economy.

Three centuries of industrial history will be explored through a large-scale European heritage that is exceptionally well preserved. Wesserling Park is one of the rare European industrial sites able to introduce its audiences to the different historical, social and technical layers of the textile industry from the 18th to the 21st century, and this on nearly 17 hectares of land and 80,000 m² of buildings. A new route showcasing this fabulous industrial history is being developed so that visitors can soak up the rich history of Wesserling.

New path:
Starting point at the castle, descent through the gardens, passage through the farm, the Boiler House (former thermal power plant), discovery of the Laboratory and arrival in the Turbines room.

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