Jules Verne Expedition

Publié le 22 avril 2021

A maze-like, fun and educational journey through the fantastic world of Jules Verne. Explore the key moments in the life of the famous novelist: the industrial revolution, the great inventions, his works, his travels and his imagination. Set off on a hectic journey, full of emotions and discoveries!

In France, the 19th century was marked by scientific advances, major discoveries and industrialisation. Jules Verne, an important figure of the time, drew his inspiration from this rapidly changing world to write the great collection of Extraordinary Voyages. At the same time, Georges Méliès, a pioneer of science fiction cinema, drew inspiration from Jules Verne’s futuristic adventures to make several of his films. More than a century later, a literary and artistic movement found its sources in the disrupted world of the 19th century, drawing inspiration from Jules Verne to reinvent the future: this was the birth of steampunk.

By visiting this exhibition, you go on a journey to discover the different influences of steampunk.

Your discovery will begin with a dive into the 19th century, visiting the Wesserling factory and its major transformations, then you will cross the fantastical interiors of Jules Verne and Georges Méliès. You will then lose yourself in the meanders of the Nautilus and its corridors of copper pipes… Finally, drunk with steam, you will plunge into the world of contemporary steampunk art.