Egypt comes to Wesserling Park

Publié le 01 juillet 2021

This year, Wesserling Park transforms into an ancient land: Egypt. Through Théophile Gautier’s novel, Le Roman de la momie, you will travel to the heart of the land of pyramids, obelisks and the desert. Ancient Egypt becomes within your reach; If you come to Wesserling, it is as if you were there!

Written in 1857, the Roman de la momie recounts the discovery of a pharaoh’s tomb by a European aristocrat and a doctor of Egyptology. But instead of containing a new Tutankhamun- mummy, it contains a 3,500-year-old queen. Her name is Tahoser and the novel tells about her life on the banks of the Nile, in ancient Egypt.

The park was completely transformed to become the land of the pharaohs! From the industrial heritage to the gardens, you can explore the different sites and landscapes of the Wesserling Park.

A photographic exhibition in the gardens : Egypt’s Eye.

The Grande Chaufferie
(former thermal power plant) houses a labyrinth that hides a pharaonic tomb

The 19th edition of the Festival des Jardins Métissés
(Mixed garden show) : The Egyptian Queen’ gardens