Companies sponsorship

Companies, business leaders, heritage enthusiasts, support the Wesserling Park conversion project.

Become a sponsor of a converted industrial site and benefit from good visibility

Support the Wesserling Park by joining  a unique place, promoting an industrial heritage rehabilitated in an original way and the development of a rural territory through social economy and sustainable development.

Companies benefit from privileged visibility and communication possibilities on our rehabilitation project. Whether in terms of on-site reception, communication, or visibility with our visitors, we need to build everything . We will be able to fulfill your requests and issues.

Benefits and rewards

In addition to compensation the law of August 1, 2003 on sponsorship, associations and foundations allows corporate sponsors of the Wesserling Park to benefit from a tax deduction of 60% of their donation.

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François Tacquard
President de l’Association pour la Gestion et l’Animation du
Parc Textile de Wesserling