Through the fairy tales

Publié le 20 avril 2023

The Textile Museum will host two new exhibitions, including “Through the fairy tales”, the flagship exhibition of 2023. This exhibition will allow you to travel through time and to rediscover all the costumes inspired by fairy tales and magical worlds that were created by our costume designers.

“Through the fairy tales” exhibition is a unique opportunity to rediscover some of the Park’s highlights. We want to honour the work of our costume designers, our technical teams and the many volunteers who contributed to “Christmas in the Gardens” – the Park’s flagship annual event.

From Hansel and Gretel, through Cinderella and Pinocchio to the latest edition with the theme of Beauty and the Beast, it is an invitation to go behind the scenes. Come and take a closer look at the costumes and accessories that have brightened up your winter evenings in the Wesserling Park!