Egyptian Tomb in the former thermal power plant

Publié le 18 mai 2021

This year, the Grande Chaufferie  (former thermal power plant) houses a royal Egyptian tomb. As a true archaeologist, explore this venue dedicated to the eternal life of a queen of Egypt … 
Will you be able to find your way back through this labyrinth maze?

Path to immortality

The ascent to the remarkably preserved queen’s tomb reveals the richness of Egyptian flora through dried yellow immortals, sacred lotus, cornflowers, giant fabric poppies, strong symbols of immortality and rebirth. During the vertiginous descent which will lead you towards the sarcophagus of a queen, you will admire a giant scarab fresco, symbol par excellence of ancient Egypt. The so-called “heart scarab” is an essential amulet for the deceased, a symbol of eternal life.

Egyptian fresco and sarcophagus

Frescoes are an important area of Egyptian art. Over  5 meters long, it recalls the story of Tahoser, Queen of Egypt inspired by Théophile Gauthier’s “Roman de la momie”. Will you dare to bend over her sarcophagus? At the risk of being bewitched by her beauty?

An Egyptian tomb guarded by Gods made of steel

Collection of steel sculptures “Egypt 2.0” by the artist Romain Bresson: Isis, Thot, Horus, Osiris

His work bring contrasts between human being and machine. He makes old mechanical parts live again by incorporating them into his works. A mixture that perfectly blends with the setting of the Grande Chaufferie.

Photo exhibition

Egypt at the dawn of the 20th century by Marcel Schueller

A freeze frame on the remains and monuments from different eras of the long and rich history of Egypt as they were captured between 1909 and 1928. It is also an immersion in everyday life on the markets and in the streets of Egypt at the beginning of the 20th century which, moreover, received at that time, the first tourists. The photos were taken in stereoscopy. The stereoscope is an instrument designed for the observation of photographic shots, allowing  the impression of depth and relief thanks to the fusion of two slightly different plane pictures, simultaneously and separately observed  by each eye.

Digital canvas print by Barrisol company