Green Barter

At the moment - Until April 28, 2024

Drop off • Swap • Barter! Sunday 28 April 2024 from 10am to 6pm.

The art of bartering comes back to life at Wesserling and invites all budding barterers to drop off, swap or barter any garden-related item.
The principle is very simple, just bring your plant or tool to be bartered. Go to the drop-off area where garden specialists will evaluate your item. Depending on its size, quality, quantity or rarity, you'll be given a value in radishes (the currency of the day)!
IMPORTANT! For your plant to be included in the BARTER, it must at least be potted, labelled and in good health!

Don't miss:
Volunteers, salaried employees, back-to-work staff from the Association des Jardins de Wesserling and partners will be combining their passion and know-how to bring the day to life with 100% creative garden workshops!
🖌️ Children's workshops: arts and crafts, colouring, potting marigolds, snail game, "I don't have a radish" quiz, etc.
🌿 The Na'Thur et Doller eco-gardeners, accompanied by Christine Tschupp. They will be answering questions from the public on the themes of natural gardening and, in particular, how to recycle pruning waste.
🐞 Exhibition of animal creatures made from recycled garden tools by Jean, a volunteer, and exhibition/quiz on strawberry plants, and wild garlic and lily of the valley not to be confused...
🥕 The Jardins de Wesserling association will be holding an early produce market with the first vegetables of the season.
🌾 Guided tour of the market garden and production tunnels by Lisa, our market garden supervisor.
🍕 Snacks on site: tarts flambées, crêpes, ice creams, drinks.

Sandrine Marbach

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