The wonderful Christmas characters in the garden

Publié le 15 décembre 2022

This winter, Christmas in the garden will present the marvelous theme of the Beauty and the Beast.

The storytelling walks will take place in the illuminated gardens of the Wesserling Park throughout the month of December. Visitors will be invited to follow the characters of the tale through the different key places of the story and enjoy each decoration carefullycreated by the park teams.

This dramatized journey tells the story of Maurice, father of Églantine, a prisoner in the cursed castle of the Beast at the Park in Wesserling. Églantine left in a hurry to save her father and will then discover the other face of the Beast, face that no one had ever seen before…

Églantine (Belle)

Belle is endowed with a rare beauty, but she is also a free spirit woman who loves reading books in the gardens of the Wesserling Park. She is determined to save her father, trapped in the clutches of the Beast. However, the monster she thought she was facing, turned out to be completely different … How could it be possible?

The Beast

Formerly, the beast was a beautiful and young prince, but pride, greed and selfishness got the better of him.

One Christmas evening, an old woman asked Prince for hospitality in exchange for a simple rose. The prince crushed this skinny present and sent the poor woman back to the street with a mocking laugh. She then turned into an enchantress and punished the prince for his greed, by transforming him into a horrible beast, thus reflecting his soul. Rumors say that the curse would end when a woman would see beyond his ugliness and would then feel love for him. Will he get there?

Mrs. Potts

Governess of the castle for many years in the service of the Beast, Mrs. Potts was changed into a teapot because of the curse weighing on the estate. With her, you will have nothing to fear, she is ready to do anything to protect herfriends and will guide you to the exit of the castle.


Lumière is a colorful and very warm character. He loves to party and live beautiful stories, especially those of Jeanne-Marie Leprince de Beaumont! Providing the functions of butler in the service of the Beast, he was struck too by the curse of the enchantress, but despite this terrible fate, he continues to bring light wherever he goes thanks to his smile And in his contagious good mood.


Aloys, weaving workshop manager, works with Maurice, Églantine’s father. He began to worry about his absence and noticed the presence of a mysterious letter from the castle dropped off on his loom. He needed to quickly warn Églantine!

Jeanne-Marie Leprince de Beaumont

Jeanne-Marie is the author of Beauty and the Beast and is an inspiring woman. She will explain to you the morals of her story and at the end of your walk she will not hesitate to tell you some others…

The Wesserling Park invites you to come and personally meet all these wonderful characters during December and leave with magical memories!