The secret garden of a queen of Egypt: a project that has sprung up from a dream

Publié le 21 septembre 2021

The secret garden of an Egyptian queen is the space where the pyramids and the oasis are located. An exotic area to unwind with its palm trees, its water point and its relaxing chairs … you really would think you are in Egypt! 🏝

The idea 💡

Created by the Wesserling Park team, it was originated by Benoît Benni, team leader of the Wesserling Park gardeners since 2016. Benoît comes from a landscaping background,  and he also had a passion for wood since his childhood. Next year, he will celebrate his 10th Festival at the Wesserling Park !

Benoît tells us more specifically how he created this garden last November: “I drew it all at once on a sheet and it remained more or less as it was on that sheet”, the labyrinth, the 3 pyramids, the rest area, the basin, the palm trees, everything was drawn at the same time during that night. He adds: “You know when you have insomnia,  you get up and draw”.  💭

First sketch of the garden – Benoît Benni
First sketch of the garden – Benoît Benni

The set up  🛠

This is how the secret garden of a queen of Egypt was created from this first sketch ; Benoît informs us that the garden has “practically” remained identical to the sketch. No big changes have been made. The main difficulty with this project was its long, perilous and technical implementation. He tells us  for example: “climbing at a height of 6m70 with no lifting device is complicated… In addition, I am not a carpenter and  building a pyramid requires one to respect certain rules, especially because they really show the angles of Egyptian pyramids; everything had to tie all together up to the tip ”, he emphasizes the fact that:“ we did not necessarily have adequate measuring equipment, no laser meter for example, so we had to think about the mounting method “.

Wood, wood and more wood and screws, lots of screws”, these are the main materials that make up this garden. What more could you ask for? Benoît was in his element for the assembly of these pyramids, him, the passionate woodworker!

The splendid labyrinth that occupies the interior of the pyramid was no small issue either. Benoît tried to draw it but it never matched his expectations. He therefore decided to get down to it directly during 8 days, alone in this pyramid to be fitted out, without any particular technique, just him and his imagination, placing pallet after pallet. What a hard job!

His reaction 😍

When we asked Benoît about which emotion he wanted to convey through this garden, his answer was “wow“, and adds “I was exactly looking for that, to fall on the garden just getting out of the labyrinth and to be able to rest there and contemplate this set”.

He even added a little final touch to make this place perfect: the little red geranium in front of the oasis, as a reference to the film Asterix and Obelix mission Cleopatra. Unfortunately you will no longer have the opportunity to contemplate it since the passage and the children’s games finally killed it.