The magic of Christmas permeates the Wesserling Park

Publié le 25 novembre 2021

The Wesserling Park organizes for its new edition, its great and traditional Christmas tale, inspired by the novel “Robin Hood”. The Gardens of the Wesserling Park will be illuminated for 18 evenings in December to spend a unique moment in Alsace.

In small groups, visitors discover different characters in the gardens through a theatrical tour. Discover the magic of Christmas in the Garden: a storytelling walk in the heart of the illuminated gardens of the Wesserling Park…

The Prince of Thieves is a magical walk, told by candlelight, with authentic and colorful characters. The walk begins in the Textile Museum, continues in the gardens and finally ends in the stable, around the farm animals. A well-deserved reward, a hot drink is offered to visitors.

Head off on an adventure with Robin, with friends, colleagues or family!

Since James the Legitimate left for America, the Manufacture Royale de Wesserling has been run by his brother Edward, the usurper. A climate of fear and tyranny reigns in these places. Robin and his companions organize to redistribute the money to the poor workers. When the great arrow finally rises in the air… James is back! It is time for the revolt.

Christmas in the Garden : A magical otherworldly universe


Every year, the entire Wesserling Park team and many volunteers get together to create and bring to life a captivating show. Many sets and costumes are created specifically for the occasion. Visitors will be immersed in an atmosphere mixing medieval times and Christmas magic.

Jean has volunteered for many years at Wesserling Park and enjoys “seeing sparkles in the public eye” while playing his role. For him, Christmas in the Garden is above all a moment of sharing with the whole team.

Christmas in the Garden: some figures…

  • 30 volunteers mobilized since Septembe
  • 7 characters along the told fairy journe
  • + 40 different pieces of costumes
  • 70 rehearsal hours
  • 11 000 visitors ready to be welcomed
  • 361 shows
  • 18 evenings

Come and participate in this enchanting event, along with Robin Hood and all his companions.

The Christmas shop of the Textile Museum

Come and discover our Christmas shop located at the Textile Museum.

There, you will find tableware, Christmas decorations and candles, textiles, stoles, scarves, handbags, greeting cards, beautiful books… The Christmas shop is overflowing with quality and original products. Take home a souvenir of your visit or find the perfect gift for the Christmas holidays.

The shop is open from 2 p.m. to 9 p.m., during all Christmas evenings in the Garden and from 2 p.m. to 5.30 p.m. from Wednesday to Sunday during November