The Gardens of the marvels are getting ready…

Publié le 03 juin 2022

For 20 years, teams of landscape designers have accepted the challenge of imagining and creating ephemeral gardens from scratch around a particular theme. The Festival des Jardins Métissés  (Mixed Gardens Festival ) encourages dreams and travels, thanks to its playful and lively structures. Far from classic gardens, these plots become convivial, poetic and participative living spaces.

Like Marco Polo, travel to Asia with a visit to Wesserling Park: yurt, Chinese junk, desert and oasis, and Mongolian horses await you!

Our artists and Park teams of are working hard to make the Gardens of the Marvels ready for the opening on June 5, 2022. Here is an overview:

The Dancing Wood

by Melanie Germain and Laura Ruccolo

We are immersed here in the text of the crossing of the “Incense Wood”, where the dramatization of Mongolian shamanic cults and beliefs are honored. Let yourself be soothed by the light undulations of these blue knotted scarves, with symbolic meaning.

Trama, Flora & Tessile

by Atelier La Loupiote – Emmanuelle Crosset-Meyer

This plot dedicated to the theme of textiles represents the different stages in the manufacture of fabric: from the origins of the fiber to the lines that structure the fabrics… Discover the patterns that Marco Polo was able to admire in the countries he visited.

Journey to the Eastern Lands

by the Park teams, Damien Ley, Benjamin Bloch and Hugo Carton

We offer you an express trip through the traditional constructions of the countries crossed by Marco Polo during his journey. The yurts and the mud-straw walls will make you want to play horseman in the immensity of the plains.

On the Sacred River Lands

by Mark Walter

This garden invites you to discover the immense kingdom of the “Tartars”: from the eastern deserts where only the oases are green, to the steppes populated by Mongolian horses.

Junk of Destiny

by Atelier Déambulons and the Park teams

At the center of a maze of shallow canals and vegetation-lined pathways, a bamboo-veneered Chinese junk evokes Marco Polo’s return voyage to Venice. Its sails invite you to dream of traveling to the Far East.

Marco’s Initiatory Journey

by Elie Combelles and Jérôme Goedseels

This garden represents the  key stages in Marco Polo’s journey and invites you to discover the different customs, religions and ceremonies discovered by him: Buddhists, Taoists, Mongols, Chinese and Zoroastrians.

See you from June 5 to admire these ephemeral gardens!