Textile Discoveries – Traveling during quarantine

Publié le 13 avril 2022

The project “Textile Discoveries” is the work of a group of 4 artists, led by Juliette Eckel. The textile language used, made of a combination of old and new techniques, will take you on a journey through a selection of 9 countries.

The Textil³ network was founded by Juliette Eckel in northern Germany in 2014 for allowing  the circulation , the exchange of  ideas, exchange, and the setting up of collective projects and exhibitions. The group is made up of artists who, due to their different textile orientations, represent a wide range of textile arts.

The Textil³ network projects aim not only to discover the differences and similarities between each artist, but above all to stimulate discussions and constructive criticism. In addition, communication being established mainly through work meetings on the Internet, the artists want to show how fruitful interactivity through this medium can be.

Thus, after the first exhibitions, in 2017, 2018 and 2019, four members of the group decided to tackle a new project entitled “Textile Discoveries” – Traveling during quarantine“. Started in 2019, most of the work however, was created in 2020, during the quarantine linked to the coronavirus pandemic. During this period, the artists Juliette Eckel, Luise Ruckert, Barbara Hertel and Katharina Zeides made the trip alone from their homes. They only saw each other again in September during the presentation of the project at the Carrefour Européen du Patchwork in Alsace.

The objective of the project was not to copy works of art from foreign cultures but to draw inspiration from their customs and their textile creation techniques in order to make original works.

Throughout the ages, human beings have always been fascinated by travel and the discovery of new cultures. While journeys used to be extended and required long periods of preparation, today these distances can be covered quickly thanks to the Internet that also gives access to a lot of information with just a few clicks.