Marco Polo’s Journey

Publié le 15 mars 2022

Once again, this year we offer you to head off on an adventure in faraway lands. In 2022, the Wesserling Park presents the famous journey of Marco Polo as told in the book written after returning from 25 years in Asia: “The Book of the Marvels of the World“.

The Park dives into 1200 AD, for a long journey through different countries. A change of scenery is guaranteed! 

The Book of the Marvels retraces the adventures of the reckless Marco Polo. This Venetian merchant sets off on a long journey to the East, accompanied by his father and his uncle, in search of new food products and trade routes. He crossed many countries including China, where he stayed for about twenty years. In the service as an ambassador of the Mongol Emperor Kublai Khan, he traveled throughout the country.

In this context, from April 29th our Gardens, our Textile Museum and our Grande Chaufferie will be open in a whole new light.

The Gardens of the Marvels

For the 20th anniversary of the Festival des Jardins Métissés, (mixed garden show) let us walk in the footsteps of Marco Polo and travel through the Gardens of the Marvels.

Artistic, plant and playful installations of ephemeral gardens will take place to tell the general public about all the great discoveries made by Marco Polo during his many adventures.

The gardens will be enhanced thanks to talented designers, artists, craftsmen and photographers, who have already participated in previous editions and with whom we design and create the plots.

The Silk Roads

Set off on the Silk Roads between Europe and the Far East and discover the various convoyed goods.

The different trade flows between Europe and the Far East will be represented (goods, people, etc.) in an artistic and historical way. Silk will also be honored.

The Emperor’s Palace

While visiting the Grande Chaufferie, you will discover a space fantasized and depicted with amazement by Marco Polo: the imperial residence of Kublai Khan.

A legendary and grandiose place inspired by Marco Polo’s statements, transposed into our industrial heritage.