Call for project – Mixed Garden Festival 2023

Publié le 29 août 2022

We are preparing a new year, 2023, that will be rich in creations, events and adventures at the Wesserling Park.

Accustomed for more than 20 years, to welcome landscape designers and plastic artists for the Mixed Garden Festival, we have decided for this new edition, to go on a journey into magical worlds, thanks to fairy-tale gardens built around a central hut.

We are appealing to you to imagine aesthetic and playful projects, whether you are a landscape designer, visual artist or photographer.


For this anniversary year, for the 20th anniversary of the Festival, we wanted to invite our visitors to enter a magical world, whether it is that tales of our childhood or the mythical places of the planet on which many stories are based and which contain unusual dwellings.

> Landscape designer or visual artist

Landscape projects

We are calling for applications for all landscape designers, artists and garden lovers who are ready to draw visitors into their universe through unexpected and unusual constructions occupying the heart of a playful and colorful garden.

Plastic/visual installations

A call for applications is also open to all artists who wish to take us on a journey through their plastic and visual works.

> Photographers

Professional photographers

We are calling for professional photographers’ applications to propose series of shots on the theme.

15 photographs per photographer are planned.

Hobby photographers

A call for applications is also open to all amateur photographers who would like to participate in the event!