Barefoot Path Festival

Publié le 12 juillet 2021

Once again this year, the Wesserling Park invites you to spend a well-being day centered around our barefoot sensorial pathway !

The course of the barefoot path calls for the active participation of visitors who will thus have the opportunity to awaken their senses, but also to challenge themselves, to activate some mechanisms, and to spend a moment of relaxation for body and mind while soaking up the atmosphere of nature. About twenty fun, sensitive and educational stations line this barefoot route: tunnels, asymmetrical beams, skill games, small streams… and many other surprises to discover throughout the course !

This special day will give you the opportunity to reinforce your contact with nature through relaxation activities and exercises for sensation discovery  through natural materials and textiles such as sand, redwood cones, sawdust, slices of wood, cotton, wool, yarn, fabric, hazelnuts, walnuts, cocoa pods, buckwheat hulls and more! Young and old will get caught up in the game and savor the softness of textiles, the tingling of pods or the freshness of clay! This outing invites you to become fully aware of your senses and reconnect with your natural environment and with your body in a ecological approach to well-being.

Visitors will be able to take advantage of this regenerating break to spend a pleasant, convivial and cultural moment while enjoying the astonishing Egyptian Gardens honored during the Mixed Gardens Festival!

Your five senses will be called upon during the many activities that will punctuate this day; the program includes : 

Introduction to Yoga by Stephanie Toetsch. The health benefits of yoga are abundant: it helps lengthen and control breath, increases vitality and concentration, and improves flexibility. This practice helps to master the harmony between body and mind and is also useful for reducing stress, learning to relax and reconnect with one’s body.

The Sound Therapy Workshop hosted by Audrey FokBor offers you a moment of symbiosis with sound vibrations which work on physical and mental well-being and are used for achieving a deep relaxation state.

Bodypainting workshop: Christine Griggio invites you to participate in a workshop for drawing Henna ornaments on one’s feet. Henna possesses virtues of purification and protection of the skin; you can enjoy a beauty treatment that will leave your skin soft and healthy !

Aurore Rioche will lead a seated massage workshop which brings well-being and relaxation with the goal of freeing one’s mind to relieve stress and fatigue. Massages have immediate contentment effects that the body needs to relax.

During the anklet-making workshop, visitors can take their jewelry home as a souvenir from this afternoon.

Handpan sound atmospheres by Alexandre Paganelli. The Handpan or Hang is a percussion musical instrument with melodic and particularly subtle sounds that helps meditation and  calms tensions.

Qi Gong introduction by Béatrice Fourdan. This traditional Chinese gymnastics involves working on oneself for helping to develop one’s physical condition, as well as to promote relaxation, relieve stress and improve breathing capacities.

Everyone may leave one’s mark during a feet painting workshop for creating a giant collaborative fresco !

This barefoot path festival is above all a unique and intimate experience with the garden to rediscover forgotten sensations… the pleasure of walking barefoot, quite simply.


Open : 10 a.m. – 6 p.m.

The entrance fee includes access to the gardens but also to the Textile Museum and the Grande Chaufferie (former thermal power plant).

Ask at the entrance to reserve your ticket