20th Mixed Gardens Festival

Publié le 29 août 2022

Marco Polo’s Marvel Garden

The 2022 gardens invite you on a fabulous journey: Through Asia following Marco Polo’s Book of the Marvels. Play horseman in the vastness of the Mongolian steppes, enter a legendary palace and sail on a Chinese junk. During this trip, you will meet various peoples and new cultures, just like Marco Polo did, for more than 700 years…

“In 1270, at the age of 15, Marco Polo followed his father and his uncle, merchants of precious stones, on the silk roads. He even went to the court of the great Kublaï Khan, emperor of the Mongols, who was reigning over almost all of Asia (China, Russia, Mongolia, Vietnam…). From this trip, he brought back testimony of breathtaking landscapes, flamboyant textiles and his fabulous encounters. Follow in the footsteps of this legendary character and go off on a colorful journey.”

With its 5 large gardens labeled “Remarkable Garden”, the Wesserling Park is a major cultural and tourist entity in Alsace for:

  • its surprising vegetable garden with textile patterns
  • the exoticism of its Mediterranean terraces
  • the elegance of its regular garden
  • the romanticism of its English-style park
  • its barefoot trail
  • its rural park, a real picnic area in a wilderness setting

In 2022, Marco Polo enchants the Wesserling Gardens

For this 20th edition, we have invited designers, artists, artisans and photographers who have already participated in previous editions and with whom we design and create the plots hand in hand.

You will explore 6 ephemeral gardens. Each plot of gardens evokes a theme transversal to the different countries crossed by Marco Polo:

  • the richness of the textiles across the Near East and distant Asia
  • the diversity and uniqueness of the religions and customs of the encountered peoples
  • the awakening of the 5 senses through the fragrance of incense, the sound of musical instruments, the taste of spices…
  • the power of water and the importance of boats
  • the traditional constructions of the countries crossed
  • the landscapes crossed, their agriculture and mentioned animals

Different art installations and 30 photographs are also scattered in our park. The photographs, grouped by series, will generate scenes of contrasting atmospheres in which the visitor will be invited to immerse himself in order to soak up the landscapes and customs of the inhabitants. To find them, stroll through the gardens, look in the corners, explore the hiding places of the Wesserling Park…